Protecting Your Investment

Our 10-year warranty drives us in a different direction from the typical commodity manufacturer. We consider your purchase of an AFA Cable to be an investment. To protect that investment, we use only the very best component parts and the very finest manufacturing processes.

We have learnt that it costs us less in the long run if our products last longer.

If a connector fail 9 years down the road, it is going to cost us the same to replace it - and probably more - than if it failed the minute after our customer bought our equipment. So, it is our ongoing objective to deliver complete and lasting reliability.

Moreover, we understand the power of the word-of- mouth. Many people consider AFA Cables their final purchase. They have found the best and can now stop looking and finally enjoy the music. They know their AFA Cables will provide outstanding listening enjoyment for decades to come. And they will probably tell their friends and colleagues about their purchase.

Therefore, it simply makes good economic sense to produce the very best products we can, resulting in extrememly satisfied customers who will become life-long advocates for our company.

In a very real way, AFA Cables combines traditional craftsmanship with highly advanced technology to creat cables at reasonable prices.


We offer a 10-year warranty on all cables, covering defective materials and craftsmanship.

The way we design and hand-assemble AFA Cables enables us to back your purchase with the most comprehensive, unconditional and fully transferable warranty in the industry.