A Soldered Joint Is A Compromised Joint
  Solder as we all know is an alloy made up of 60% and 40% of Tin and Lead vice versa depending on the grade. Tin and Lead is chosen for the solder alloy because of their low melting point qualities but has poor conductivity qualities when compared to copper, cadmium, silver, carbon etc., which are conductors found very commonly in audiophile cables. Even the best solder money can buy contains only 1% silver.

Proper soldering of audiophile cables to connectors is a highly skilled art because placing the soldering iron too short a time on the joint between cables and connectors will result in a poor connection and conductivity. A poor connection increases the probability of a short circuit while poor conductivity deteriorates the performance of the audiophile cable.

However, placing the soldering iron too long a time on the joint between cables and connectors will result in damaging insulation properties of the dielectric and hardening the conductor.

When the dielectric of a cable is damaged, it will result in a loss of signal transmission and at the same time increasing interference between conductors.

Hardening of the conductor due to excessive heating will result in losses over the listenable sound barrier, e.g. Loss of high frequency details, loss of depth in the vocals, slight distortion in the separation, unnatural tightness in the bass, etc. Thus, degrading the character and performance of the audiophile cable.

Therefore, we conclude that using solder for audiophile cable connections is an economical and convenient method but it will not bring out the best in the audiophile cable.


S-Less, your answer to the above problems, which is
a revolutionary solderless cable connection technique developed by AFA with major concerns such as conductivity, retaining dielectric and conductor properties, strength, oxidization retardant factors, durability, etc.

S-Less is a 10 times stronger and 5 times more oxidization retardant joint as compared to a soldered joint and at the same time retains the properties of the dielectric and conductor.

S-Less the perfect solution to all cable connection problems, promising to deliver the sweet and detailed highs, rich and refined mids and deep and extended bass together with an open and layered soundstage in your reference high fidelity system.

With S-Less, AFA signal transmission cables (AC Power and Speaker Cables) paves the way to a new era of sound performance never experienced before.