About us
  AFA: Designed by audiophiles for audiophiles all over
the world.

This focus on quality in design and engineering goes beyond our assembly processes.

  The Design Team

Our engineers are never constrained by costs for design functionality and quality. On the contrary, we challenge them to create a new generation of Hybrid Alloy and Connectors to move AFA Cables ever closer to perfection, while maximizing performance and reliability.

Research and development are keys to the ongoing success of the Hybrid Alloy. We are constantly challenging ourselves for new ways to reproduce superb sound.

Skilled Craftsmanship

The AFA emphasis on quality - not quantity - is equally evident at every step in our production cycle.

Starting with a bare cable, the team makes sure that
each component is hand selected, every wire is cut and bent by hand, and every connection is connected in the best possible manner.

Of course, we could do the job much faster by soldering
the cables typically used in large assembly operations.

But that would mean exposing the cable to a source
of extreme heat shock that could result in long-term reliability problems, which is why most of our cables are non-soldered.

AFA's focus on excellence just doesn’t allow for these kinds
of shortcuts.

The skilled technicians who build AFA Cables are not pressured by schedules or quotas. Therefore, it is quality,
not quantity, that drives our commitment in bringing
the very best in cable craftsmanship for a lifetime of
listening pleasure.

We even go a step further and only allow our most experienced technicians to work all our flagship ‘Golden Fleece’ cables. They are handcrafted by senior technicians who have been with the company for more than 3 years.